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Dog Breeds - The Dogs Big Manual

The Dogs Big Manual is a compilation of a couple of books about dogs.
Learn how to feed dogs, treat them, their Breeds, qualities etc.
The books used for this manual are:
A Manual of toy dogs;
Hunting Dogs;
The Dog, Dinks, Mayhew, And Hutchinson.
Dogs, And Their Management;
Dog Breaking;

The Dogs Big Manual
[01] A Manual Of Toy Dogs
Dog Breeds - The Dogs Big Manual
01 A Manual Of Toy Dogs
02 As a Means Of Eking Out a Small Income
03 And Made Them Almost Humanly Intelligent
04 Preferring To Make Itself Objectionable In The House
05 Where It Is Necessary That The Dogs Shall Pay Their Way
06 And Purity Of Blood Can Never Be Depended On
07 On Breeding
14 The Toy Bitch When Pupping
21 Small Toy Bitches Sometimes Have But Little Milk At First
28 On Feeding Toys
35 A Toy Which Is Properly Looked After At Home Ought To Be Always
42 Taking Dogs Out Of The Show At Night Can Always Be Managed
49 Next To Toy Poms i Will Mention Toy Schipperkes
56 Invariably Fascinating To Those Who Have a Liking For Pug Kind
63 And a General Look Of Unthriftiness
70 Loss Of Appetite Is a Symptom Which Should Never Be Disregarded
77 A Terrible Aggravation Both To Operator And Patient
84 Is Not Yet Known To All Dog Owners Namely
91 It Is Known As The Kanofelin Lotion
98 Arsenic Is What Is Known As a Cumulative Drug
105 The Eye Of The Dog Is An Even More Delicate Structure Than The Ear
112 And Their Temperament Is That Of The Habitual Shiverer
119 Neither Chloral Nor Bromide Affects The Milk
126 The Ears And Cheeks Should Be Red
133 Points That Are Very Undesirable
140 The Only Variation Being As Regards The Weight Limits
147 Points Identical With Those Of The Standard Yorkshire
154 Scale Of Points
161 The Title Of This Book Quotes Its Object
168 As There Is But Little Chance
175 The Coon Hunt Calls For Manhood
182 And Develops Stratagem From Experience And Necessity
189 If We Learn The Language Of The Chase
196 Just Unbuckle His Collar And Let Him Go
203 Training The Coon Dog.
210 When a Dog Is Trained For Coon So That He Is First Class
217 Many Hunters Pick Up Many Of The Skunk On The Field
224 The Kind Of Dog Needed Is a Good Ranger
231 Bitches 28 Inches And 90 Pounds
238 I Have Often Let The Dog Decide The Way To Go
245 The Deer Seeks Refuge In Deep Water.
252 During Ten Or Fifteen Days In a Strange Country
259 Having Prepared Ourselves With a Good Dog
266 A Quick Method
273 Choose The Best And Most Favorable Night For The First Trip
280 The Fox Hound Has a Good Nose
287 As To Picking a Pup For a Coon Hound
294 And Let Them Have Plenty Of Room To Run And Play
301 Here Are Another Hunter S Views On This Same Subject
308 There Are Plenty Of Fox Dogs That Are Good Coon Dogs
315 Breeding (continued). Crossing For Coon Dogs.
322 Give Poor Hunters Exactly Like Himself
329 Other Qualifications As To Form And Shape
336 It S Detrimental To Allow a Bird Dog To Roam And Go Self-hunting
343 Let Me Advise The Following Treatment
350 One Great Object Is To Keep Up The General Strength
357 Still Trailers Vs. Tonguers. Music.
364 Hundreds Of Hunters Take This View
371 He Was Here a Moment Ago!
378 I Have Seen Men Training Dogs For Bird Hunting
385 My Route Called Me Up a Little Draw From The Main Stream
392 I Have Observed That The Love Of An Indian For His Ponies
399 In Heavy Traveling They Are Used And Hitched Double For Fast Travel
406 Rough And Ready Sledge Dog.
413 The Neck Value 5 Must Be Clean And Of Good Length
420 Either Light Or Dark Are Admirable
427 The Entire Strength Being Centered In His Deep Chest
434 In Appearance The Pointer Is Larger Than The Setter
441 And As Companion And Guard Dogs
448 How To Train a Collie
455 He Was Barking Up a Large Black Oak In The Corn Field
462 Gets It Into His Head That Nobody Has a Dog Quite As Good As His
469 I Sometimes Bake Corn Bread For The Dogs For a Change
476 (the Numbers Refer To The Picture.)
483 To Bushy Coverts And Underwood Among Tall Timber
490 Pointers.
497 Retriever.
504 Feeding Pups And Weaning. Lice. Teats Rubbed.
511 Feeding The Dog.
518 Receipts.
525 Wash Well With Soap And Warm Water
532 Sometimes The Receipt Below For Fleas Will Prove Efficacious
539 Bleeding We See Recommended In The Field Sports
546 Fifth Case.
553 Dogs And Their Management
560 The Majority Of Pretended Cures Are Harmless
567 The Eye Need Alone Be Consulted
574 The Coat May Now Be Generally Examined
581 A Bone Is Of Great Service To The Animal
588 Where The Servants Are Trustworthy This Danger Will Not Arise
595 The Operation Is Not So Necessary As It Is Generally Imagined
602 Medicine To The Dog Requires To Be Administered With Caution
609 And i Advise Others Only To Employ Them Upon Necessity
616 Names Are In Medicine Dangerous Things
623 The Causes Cannot Be Well Ascertained
630 When The Symptoms Described Are Apparent
637 Whereas i Know Of No Age That Is Exempt From Its Attack
644 Tumors On Various Parts Of The Body
651 When The Violence Of The Disorder Has Declined
658 Make Into Twenty Pills And Give Three
665 All Kinds Of Mistaken Cruelties Have Been Perpetrated
672 Let The Quantity At The Next Dose Be One-half
679 The Limb Or Tail Must Be Encased With Leather Or Gutta Percha
686 I Know They Are Too Often Present
693 Strong Pups Require No Attention During Dentition
700 Either By Decay Or From Excessive Wear
707 In Case Rabies Should Attack The Dog
714 Bronchocele.
721 With a Laxative Occasionally If The Bowels Are Torpid
728 Snoring Is Often a Heavy Accusation Brought Against The Dog
735 The Appetite Does Not Always Fail
742 A Dose Of Castor Oil May Also Be Administered
749 Very Few Dogs Have Healthy Livers
756 Under The Treatment Recommended
763 Dogs Are Afflicted With a Disease Of The Stomach
770 But It Is Not Always Tranquillized
777 Consists Of Patches Of Well-defined Inflammation
784 Bowel Diseases.
791 The First Examination Should Be Directed To The Rectum
798 The Ether And Laudanum Should Not Be Immediately Discontinued
805 The Treatment Must Be Energetic
812 Acute Diarrhœa May Terminate In Twenty-four Hours
819 In The Acute Form This Disease Is Rarely Witnessed
826 Paralysis Of The Hind Extremities.
833 And The Meat On The Morrow Is Deficient
840 Become Causes Of Further Disease
847 Starting Up Piles In The First Instance
854 From a Tea-spoon To a Table-spoonful Three Times a Day
861 There Is No Limitation To The Quantity Which May Be Administered
868 It Is No Pleasure To a Dog To Go Mad
875 In This Case The Dog Exhibited No Malice
882 In Such a Case The Discharge Originally Is Thick And Mattery
889 Under Its More Virulent Form It Is Not To Be Thus Easily Got Rid Of
896 The Relief Should Be Directed Wholly To Keep The Cancer
903 All i Aim At Is To Limit The Increase Of The Deposit
910 When i Was a Pupil At The College
917 My Indecision Exposed Me To Some Remarks At The Time
924 Or Brutality May Have Been Resorted To
931 No Vessels Are To Be Seen Upon Its Surface
938 Make As In The Previous Prescription
945 The First Indication Of a Bitch Approaching To Desire
952 She Should Be Most Carefully Watched
959 As The Time Of Parturition Draws Near That Is
966 At The Hazard Of Wearying The Reader
973 I Have Yet Another Custom Here To Deprecate
980 And Perhaps Been Some Time About
987 I Always Let The Animal Stand Upon Her Legs
994 The Humanity Which Shines In Every Wish That Writer Ever Penned
1001 Of The Pups Brought Forth By The Aid Of The Crotchet
1008 For An Act That Possibly May Be
1015 A Small Bitch Of My Own Had a Litter Of Four
1022 The Sponge And Leather Of The False Nipple Is Apt To Become Sour
1029 But It Is One i Invariably Decline To Accept
1036 Knowing The Peculiar Form Of The Passage
1043 Skin Diseases.
1050 The Medicine Is To Be Kept On Increasing Each Day
1057 This May At First Attract No Notice
1064 For The Brute Must Shake The Head Violently And Frequently
1071 The Proprietors Bring The Dog For Us
1078 This Derangement Of The Visual Organ Is Very Common With The Dog
1085 The Cure In This Instance Is Always
1092 Which Mistress Puss Has Turned To Resent
1099 This Appears To Be The Place To Meet
1106 Which Cannot Get Well Of Themselves
1113 An Operation Being Determined On
1120 The Chief Requisites In a Breaker Are
1127 14 As a General Rule Let
1134 At Odd Times Let Him Take The Bread The Moment You Throw It
1141 A Keeper Who Had Several Dogs To Break
1148 When He Approaches Any Of The Spots Where The Bread Lies Hidden
1155 Those Lessons Will Almost Ensure Their Hereafter Instantly Obeying
1162 And That The Clever Keeper Encouraged Him In Doing So
1169 For They Are Thus More Likely To Drive The Game Towards The Gun
1176 In Order To Make Them Hunt Close Exactly Where Directed
1183 When a Regular Retriever Can Be Constantly Employed With Spaniels
1190 For The Benefit Of Those Who Have The Good Fortune
1197 Mark My Having Said Deliver Into Your Hand
1204 And Encouraging Him To Seize And Drag It From You
1211 Notwithstanding Every Encouragement
1218 As Many Dogs Have Done To The Great Annoyance Of Their Masters
1225 Far More Dogs Would Be Well-broken
1232 Means That There Is Something Not Far Off
1239 First Lesson In Autumn Commenced. Ranging.
1246 He Will Have To Traverse The Field Diagonally
1253 Being Unable To Catch The Dog S Eye
1260 Though You Cannot Improve a Dog S Nose
1267 And Giving Them Their Own Time
1274 Should You Not Like To Relinquish
1281 The Gun Going Up To Whatever Dog Points
1288 Many Carelessly-taught Dogs Will
1295 As a Dog Generally Sees a Bird Fall
1302 First Lesson In Autumn Continued. Assistant.
1309 Signifies Less With Partridges Than With Most Birds
1316 That The Mere Carrying The Collar Might Not Annoy The Dog
1323 I Spoke From Personal Experience
1330 But However Much We May Deplore It
1337 Hints To Purchasers. Sheep Killing.
1344 Regular Retriever To Beat.
1348 Safety Warning
1349 How To Cite Our Website


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